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Kind of a late b-day present for bay115, but kind of not since I'd like to give her something a little less... Sketchy. But until then, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

No. 6 の1冊と2冊を買った!AKA The Most Expensive $5.00 Books Ever.
でも、本当に高かすぎだった、 トタルが言いたくない。 ...日本語を読むことさえできない。 ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

日本語が分からなくている人のために絵を書いた。 Pictures For Non-MoonspeakersCollapse )

Thinking about attempting to translate Rolan: The Forgotten King? I don't think my Japanese level is up to snuff, but hey, it could be a fun project.

squee, O:

Found it!

Re: No. 6 - Brief, Spoilor-Free Thoughts on the Relationship between Nezumi and Shion
I've never before heard of a BL anime I could even begin to take seriously before No. 6. It might be because the BL isn't the focus of the series, so it plays out like any other shonen-style show, or maybe because the line that defines the characters as dominant or submissive is constantly challenged and blurred. Once they even challenged it literally - with a fist fight. It was awesome.

That aside, I like the relationship between Shion and Nezumi. It's not cute. It's not fluffy. It's not overflowing with sap. Don't get me wrong, they have one or two moments between them that are genuinely sweet, but for the most part their entire partnership is tense and riddled with arguments stemming from their vastly different backgrounds and goals, neither of which really get resolved. At times it even gets violent. But there's a mutual respect and affection between the two that's interesting to watch. I guess what I'm getting at is that, while far from perfect, their relationship feels very human. And I like that, I like it a lot.

... Which brings me to something else entirely. Just reading YT and DA comments on Shion/Nezumi related works, it really bugs me when people coo over them. I feel like it really cheapens their relationship and reduces it to something that's black and white, which is something it really isn't. People keep forgetting that those kids have issues.

Ahh, well, that isn't really anything new. I've had that problem with fandom for years, so I'm gonna just go with it and ruin the integrity of this post by ending it with an out-of-context screencap.

Yes, Shion. Yes he is.

EDIT: I want to buy the books so baaad, but I can't find them anywhere. I can find an English translation of the first volume online for free, but I can't find any of the novels up for sale. What's with that? I'm trying to be a good person, here!

EDIT 2: Why didn't I think of Amazon Japan earlier? My life just got made.

Whyyy Part II
come again

It's 5:00 AM and I probably should've given up a good few hours ago, but here, have some doodles. : >

Drawing Klaus smiling like that was really weird.

Whyyy am I only ever inspired when I have other crap I should be doing? D:


Van, you derp. I don't think she's impressed!


Also, I was gonna draw something for FMA day (it's 3:20 AM on the 4th, it still counts), but for some reason all the drivers on my computer decided to crap out on me at once, and now my tablet is like NOPE. Oh well, there's still June 11th...

so let's just ignore all my outstanding responsibilities for a moment
squee, O:
... and spend the whole night drawing pretty pictures instead! I REGRET NOTHING.

It's 5:30 AM. I regret it.  And this is the first time I've drawn these two in forever, so I feel kinda bad that they're fighting. Or something. I'm not really sure what's going on.

Also, something I learned today: Van is apparantly 5'5" and 112 Ibs. I tried to convey that as much as I could in this picture, but it was hard because TINY PUPPY IS TINY.
Okay I'm done. G'night!

My own characters exist too
Sometimes I even draw them! 8D

I just spent the whole night doodling and now I work in four hours. REGRET NOTHING.